Update on 250,00 #1

I started trying to do this challenge without any sort of schedule or plan. I just started writing about whatever came to my mind. The problem with that thinking is it really only works for tweets and small paragraphs. I was stuck just getting half-baked idea on the page.

Problems I noticed:

  • I spent way too much time worrying about hitting my daily word count that It stopped me from even writing anything down.
  • I found myself looking at ways to monetize the site with newsletters, affiliate links, etc. No ones even read the fucking thing.
  • I was being really shy for whatever reason while I was writing.
  • I completely forgot that this was just supposed to be fun and who give a fuck about anything else.
  • I was worrying too much about writing the way that I speak. I say fuck. so what.

I was listening to Atomic Habits and in the first chapter my problem was pointed out; I was spending too much thinking about the goal and not enough time thinking about the process (He called it a system). So now I need to create a system that will work for me and help me succeed in this goal.

Action Items:

  • Update the word count to reflect the year instead of whatever I have now.
  • Spend a day or two outlining a topic and working on a rough draft. Then I can write a longer post but meet my daily word count.
  • Don't worry if I hit the word count or not. Just work on the habit of writing consistently.
  • Fuck around more. This is just a personal life goal.

Current word count: ~1964 / 250,000
Daily average: ~79
Daily average Goal: ~685

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