The road to 250,000 words

Im not even sure where to start, but 250,000 / 350 = ~715 so that sounds  kinda doable. So the thinking is that I write around 715 words a day and by the end of the year, I will have written 250,000 words. I'm sure most of it will be crap, but who cares. At this point I'm writing for myself.

I always wanted to try and write so the main topics I am thinking of writing about are:

  • Programming
  • Deploying code
  • Mentality
  • Stuff I find interesting
  • My family (maybe)

For the programming posts that I work on I am going to avoid beginner tutorials. I think there is plenty of content, made by really good developers, so Im not going to do that. The main focus here will be things that save me time and stress.

Deploying code is weird. I remember just using FTP to push my new pages to my shared hosting provider. Now, you can do a JAM stack, Serverless, VPS, blah blah blah. There are so many that it's a bit overwhelming. Deployment posts will be more of a documentation for myself instead of a tutorial. I will be writing for my future self, kinda like coding.

Mentality posts are going to be the most difficult ones since they can be super intimate. I hope these posts can shed some light on how much a toll imposter syndrome can take on you. I still struggle with imposter syndrome every day, so maybe these will be a bit therapeutic and might actual help someone else.

My things Im interested in posts are the ones I am actually looking forward to. I like a lot of random shit and I am hoping this will give me reason to just share some weirdness with others. And also for me to remember what my flavor of the week was.

Im sure the word count will go up as I write more of these, but I just need to get the first one out.

Current word count: 343 / 250,000

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